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To C# or not to C#

To C# or not to C#

I have always been a front end developer, ever since I came into this wacky world of development. But I have always had a plan of action, I always wanted to be a full stack dev with a large knowleadge of not only what the client can see but also what is making everything tick in the background.

So now here I sit at the crossroads! I have set myself the target to be a full stack senior developer by September 2018. So that is 2 years from now, 2 years to pick my base tech and stick to it. I have played with and got a very good grasp of PHP and Laravel more importantly, I found it to be a joy to code with and have had lots of fun. But play time is over and I now need to decide what's best for my developments and also my career. My base tech can look two very different ways:

Full Stack PHP

HTML5 CSS3 Laravel MVC / PHP SASS Angular/React

Full stack .Net

HTML5 CSS3 SASS C#/.NET MVC Angular/React

So that is the idea and now it's time to make a decision on what is the best form of action. I shall very much keep you updated on how this goes and how my studying and my goal of 2 years comes into play! 

And of course if you have any advice good or bad please leave a comment below.

Created: 2016-09-05.

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