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Simple HTML up

Simple HTML up

For those of you using such programs as sublime text or Notepadd +++, its rather annoying when you have to type up those pesky tags. Open and Close HTML tags then followed by Open and Close body tags , etc etc add Stylesheets or bootstrap, the list goes on. For those of you new to web developement I feel the need to better explain myself.  Each HTML document has a required few tags to function correctly, those are the HTML tag, the Body tag and the Head tag. 


The HTML tag is where, yep, you guessed it, all the HTML on the page goes, pretty much everything! 


The head tag will contain all links and meta information, it sits in-between the HTML tags and has all the styles and script links plus keywords and page title.


This is where your end user will see the content on his computer.

So the final product looks like this:


So this is the basic and I mean very basic make up of tags on a HTML document, lets push it a little further and add some information.

Title of the document:The content of the document......

So now we have a title for the page and some wording to spill out. Lets add the last bits and some styles and off we go:

Page Title goes here:

Hello, world!

And there you go, each and every time you set up a page use the above and you will have a grid framework, the JS script and you're good to go.

Created: 2017-11-14.

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