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My Social Channels

My Social Channels
My Social Channels

Live stream and all!

So I had an idea and a thought about how I could take my coding out there and get some exposure into groups and markets. I have been very active on Laravel boards and PHP boards for sometime but I always felt a very small fish in a huge pond. So I decided to take my craft on the road so to speak and start Live Streaming my builds via the medium Twitch. 

You can go over and follow it here and see how I get on.

I must say its been a huge relief to have seasoned developers come over and watch, and also invite me into there fold and treat me as a equal. They have supported my streams and I now have a group and board to call home. I have a growing YouTube channel and hope those reading this can pop over and give me a little thumbs up or subscribe.


Created: 2016-08-29.

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