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It's been a while

It's been a while

I feel like it's been ages! So much has happened it's hard to really understand what's been going on. A developer's life is always a painul one, you feel like you're getting so far and yet something happens and you fall so far behind again its unreal. I started a journey a few years ago whereby I really wanted to stream my builds. I was out of work and had free time which meant I was sat right here in front of my Mac, having the energy and space to actually get on my machine and code some cool things.

Then I landed a role and it all went by the way side. I always try to make sure I find time to keep my learning up to date and keep pushing myself forward in the crazy world of development, but its just not been easy.  I have spent so many nights dreaming of code and development. Many times working on other peoples' code and sites that my personal code bases have had to sit and wait patiently in the background hoping that one day I will pick them up and bring them to life. 

But now I can rejoice as that time has come, I feel the need to keep pushing forward, keep streaming and getting my videos out there! There are so many 'how to' blogs out there, I want this one to be more of an old school 'show and tell' detailing how my world looks when it comes to developing.


Created: 2017-11-14.

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