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Back to blogging and a headache

Back to blogging and a headache

It's a hard thing in this day and age to decide what's best to do in terms of technology and how to use it for the right reasons. I have just finished a nice little micro framework and want to use it everywhere, but the issue is - to achieve what I want to do with it (and create the functions the site requires) the development time is going to be huge. With Laravel, Zend and Symforny all out there, ready to rock 'n' roll out the box, has the time come for new services or new projects to sit in a GitHub repo somewhere laying dormant? To sit beneath three giants of the world and to never see the light of day?

It's a headache that's nice to have but also one that must be thought through very carefully. Ok! So all three have wonderful Auth systems and built in database migrations with more features than you really need and more code than what the project requires, but its a quicker development than having a framework that does exactly what you need. To have a project only consist of what you want is surely what we need in the world? To have an application do what you want and no more? Or are we in a world of having more than we need just in case?

It's something I'm pondering over the coming days as I try to make the play to either build my way or grab a framework and go nuts with all the features, but its certainly tempting to just fire up Laravel and have the build done in less time. With no real deadlines and more importantly being my own client surely it's better to just build my way?


Created: 2017-11-14.

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